Sunday, January 29, 2012

The change of Address Notification

If you’ve recently moved home, or if you’re about to, then you might be sending out a lot of change of address notes this year. But it’s not just friends and family that you need to tell about your change of circumstance.

Suppliers & Utilities

First and foremost, you are probably going to want to make sure that you’re comfortable in your new home - so somewhere at the top of the list for notifications will be your gas and electricity suppliers.  After that, depending on your priorities of course, will be telephone (land line and mobile), internet, and television licence.  That’s pretty much everything you need for a quiet night in – so to make sure that it’s protected, you might also want to contact your insurance company.

Local Council
Updating the electoral roll will not only ensure your right to vote, but it’s also important when it comes to things like your credit rating.  You’ll also need to speak to your local council and benefits office if you’re in receipt of things like a Blue Badge or housing benefit, and to make arrangements with regard to your council tax bill.

Registering with a new GP and dentist will be especially important if you’re moving a long way; but even if you’re only moving to a different part of the same city you may wish to consider it – just think about how far you want to have to travel when you’re not feeling well!  If you’re moving with pets, then do also think about the nearest local vet.

Money Matters
If you’re arranging a mortgage through your own bank then it’s entirely likely that they already know that you’ve moved.  However, if you hold ISAs, credit cards or other financial products elsewhere then they will need to know too – and don’t forget about people like the Student Loan Company!  When it comes to Income Tax and National Insurance then HM Revenue & Customs will want to hear from you, and the Department of Work and Pensions may also need to be notified if you’re in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Winter Fuel Payments or State Pensions (for example).  Of course if you’re in employment, don’t forget to tell your employer, who will want to update your personal details!

Other mailings
One of the unexpected benefits of moving house can be a clean slate when it comes to junk mail – but don’t lose touch with those organisations and companies from whom you do want to hear.  If you’re a regular supporter of a particular charity, for example, or if you subscribe to one of more magazines, make sure that you let them know.

There’s no denying that the notification process can get very complicated – however, there are a few very helpful resources out there.  You can find a printable checklist of people to notify here and you might also want to use something like the “I am moving” service.

Good luck and happy moving! 

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